Condition & Care


Every item we sell is antique, vintage or estate and as such it is not new and will have some signs of wear inline with its age. We will always do our best to note anything significant like, chips, dents or inclusions but each piece will have some wear due to being used. Pictures and videos are provided and form part of the description along with the noted conditions should you wish to view.

Each item is assessed prior to being listed and our jeweller and gemologist also assist when required. Some items will also have a valuation completed and noted in their listing. Please do not hesitate to contact me prior to purchase to discuss any item or request any further pictures or information and we will be happy to assist you.


All jewellery has its own set of care based on the gemstone, gold and the age. Please contact me if you are unsure of the proper care for your piece. We do not cover general wear and tear for pieces once they are in your care. Some simple hints below to assist you

Please remove rings when performing rough tasks that could damage your piece including, cleaning with chemicals, gardening, sports and sleeping.

Certain gemstones need special care due to their fragile, organic or porous natures, this includes pearls, emeralds, opals and turquoise. These above gems should not be put in an ultrasonic cleaner and neither should opal triplets, foiled gemstones or paste as this can affect their integrity and look.

If you are ever unsure please contact me to discuss.